Custom Clothing

As Chicago’s leading Custom Tailor, we are proud to serve the varied clothing needs of our clients. We offer Genuine Bespoke and Made to Measure clothing for Men and Women – Suits, Sport Jackets, Shirts and Blouses, Trousers, Dresses and more – all custom made in our own shop or by our Made in the USA partners.

Well-tailored clothes that are every bit as serious as the man wearing them can only be acquired at a shop of the highest pedigree and the right personnel. Since 1929, we have been that store.

As Chicago’s genuine Custom Tailor, we hand-craft Men’s Suits, Jackets, Trousers, Formalwear and Shirts that look great, fit perfectly and wear well for every business or social occasion.

Wise consumer investment in garments of enduring quality and “added-value” is our strong suit.

Quality, fit and fashion – are they mutually exclusive? Not when a skilled women’s tailoring and sales staff are working on your behalf!
From classic business garments; suits, trousers, blouses – to updated and specialty designs; dresses, overcoats, shawls – we understand women’s patterns and how to make sure every garment fits well and looks great!

Silverline Collection represents the best of both worlds – the expertise of our in-house Master Tailors combined with the value of our Made in the USA tailoring partners.

Silverline Made to Measure clothing fits both the individual shape and the bottom line. We are proud to offer these great values to our clients – both current and new.

Silverline Suits: from $995 – Jackets: from $750 – Shirts: 4 from $110.