cathys pictures - nicole 074Happy, well-dressed clients are our greatest rewards! Our clients count on us to make them look – and feel – great in their clothes for every professional or social occasion.

Here’s what some of our women customers have to say about the work we do for them …

I am one of the few people who actually dislike shopping for clothes – nothing fits right … nothing looks good. My husband encouraged me to have a custom suit made yet I always felt that “I wasn’t that type of person.”

When I met with Cathy at Richard Bennett Custom Tailors, she immediately put me at ease. There were many decisions to be made but she broke everything down, showed me examples of garments and in the end, it was not only simple, but fun!

What was even more exciting was that size didn’t matter – everything was made to fit me perfectly! Cathy and Viorica made me feel at ease throughout the entire process and when I tried on my suit I’m not sure who was more excited: me or them!

The clothes are beautiful both inside and out and make me look and feel great. I truly feel good about myself because what I am wearing looks good on me. I had an amazing experience and will definitely continue to use Richard Bennett!

Tina M.

I simply cannot buy “off the rack” due to my body type. I had tried a national chain and walked away with three pairs of expensive slacks that did not fit.

Enter Richard Bennett Custom Tailors. I shared my experiences with Cathy and she was confident that they could accommodate me. At the first fitting, the jacket was almost perfect! What a relief knowing that it wasn’t me – that there were tailors that could actually nail a jacket for me! I now have a beautiful, custom made suit that fits me like a proverbial glove!

It was good to work with tailors who are onsite – I was able to interact with the women who created my suit. Cathy has a good eye and was able to guide the process. I am very happy with my custom suit and will be buying more!

Cheyenne B.

I am very happy with several pairs of pants made for me by Richard Bennett Custom Tailors and would not hesitate to shop there again. If you buy off the rack pants and have them tailored, skip the step and have a pair made for you – it’s well worth every penny!

Florence S.

I highly recommend Richard Bennett for the woman who wants a wide choice of fabrics and slacks that are custom made to fit exactly the way she wants!

Connie B.

If you are looking for custom tailoring, Richard Bennett should be your only stop – they do amazing work! I always have a difficult time finding pants that fit my curves and the team at Richard Bennett was able to get it right on the first try. My pants now fit perfectly in the waist and seat and drape in a flattering manner. The blazer and custom shirts they made are now my go-to garments for every outfit.

I love their workmanship, professionalism and timeliness. I never have to wait long for delivery. Cathy is wonderful: very patient, knows her inventory and is great at helping me select fabrics and patterns. The tailors, Viorica and Eleanor are very skilled and are able to draw attention away from my “trouble spots” with their designs.

The Richard Bennett store is very comfortable and inviting. Their price points are extremely reasonable and the staff will make sure you walk away with a purchase you truly love. I would not go anywhere else for custom clothes. Why bother? They get it right every time!

Doreen L.

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